I'm afraid I had a slight accident

DownBelowfe, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Friday we had some freezing rain and then it started to snow. Having spent 3 years in Alaska an 3 years in Boston I -out of instinct - tried to recover out of a fishtail. Which would have been fine had the embankment been small or not as steep. I had a complete flashback from the infamous Smooth Rock Falls, ON incident of 2003. Or the even more infamous Flats incident of 1998. But this time I was driving the poorly engineered Ford Ranger as opposed to the superior design of the Subaru Outback. (The Flats - I wasn't even driving). It was so snowy, they couldn't tow it last night. And they (the State Trooper) said I was responsible for towing it out. So today I went down and did that. In this photo You see the drivers side door, and I tried to open it while upside down and it didnt open so I had to roll the window down to escape. I believe the seat belt saved my life. The airbags did not deploy. I walked away with minor injuries. Seemingly unscathed. (bruises, body aches, a super massive headache). The photos have been poorly edited using MS paint. (I never get my photos on explore because I don't use photoshop Or edit them in any way) I edited them cause I don't want to reveal my place of employment.

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