Why we need to leave Iraq now

And start working on our infrastructure here at home. I wonder what people who think like John McCain (who said he didn't want to spend money on transportation but thinks spending trillions on the war is just fine) would say if they were happily driving (riding) along a bridge in their motorcades and chauffeured vehicles and then all of a sudden WHAM!

This story comes to us from Philadelphia.

I-95 in Philadelphia to Close for Days

By BILL BERGSTROM – 2 hours ago

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A two-mile stretch of Interstate 95 in Philadelphia was shut down early Tuesday, backing up commuter traffic for miles, as workers began emergency repairs on a crack in a concrete support pillar beneath the major northeast corridor.

Repairs to the crack, which ranges from 2 inches to several inches wide, required closure of both northbound and southbound lanes of the highway north of the city's central business district, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation spokesman Gene Blaum said Monday.

"Obviously, we feel it could compromise the strength of that section of the highway," Blaum said.

The section of the interstate carries about 190,000 vehicles a day, making the repair "a major undertaking," he said.

Traffic jammed at exit points as motorists were sent on detours around the closed area during the morning commute Tuesday. The stretch of I-95 was shut down after midnight. Mayor Michael Nutter said officials hoped to have the damage repaired in two days.

"Fortunately it was found, we're on top of it, and we're taking care of the situation," he said.

A smaller crack, about a half-inch wide, was first noticed by an inspector last fall. The same inspector happened to be in the area Monday and decided to check on the support, Blaum said.

"This crack has grown considerably since October," Blaum said. "It was very fortuitous that he took that look today."

Photos of the crack are at the link. (I didnt want to repost them here - the photo above is of the MN bridge collapse FYI)

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