A blow against creationists

Fig 1.1 Some creationists believe dinosaurs and humans coexisted, throwing out all contradicting geologic evidence as well as logic and common sense.

A small victory in the larger battle that is creationism in schools.

AUSTIN – Veteran State Board of Education member Pat Hardy of Fort Worth was defeating a challenger in the GOP primary Tuesday night, holding off an effort by social conservatives to gain a working majority on the politically divided board.

Victory by Ms. Hardy, a former high school teacher and current curriculum adviser in the Weatherford school district, in the GOP primary would virtually assure her of another term because no Democrat has filed for the post.

The Fort Worth Republican had been targeted by some social conservative groups for her independent voting ways and her frequent opposition to a bloc of seven social conservatives on the 15-member board.

Social conservatives threw their support behind Cleburne urologist Barney Maddox, known for his strong support of creation science and calls to revamp textbooks used in classrooms across Texas.

After some victories and some defeats, the creationism battle will continue to torment us.

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