Oh man

Oh man this day has started off as a huge debacle I totally forgot about an eight o clock appt. and ended up being late. Which sucks. Anyway I am loving this N810 its perfect for blogging one the go. When I started this blog in 2004 I never would have thought something like this was possible.

I havent fully realised the full potential. The default region for the English is UK English (hence UK spelling) I want to figure out how to use the webcam and would love to start making You Tube videos. The N810 commercial I posted last week sums up me in a nutshell when the girl says "I would die if you took away my Internet" (that reminds me I think the bill is due again)

I love how I can blog laying down on my back with a handheld -thats truly cool.

Gotta get an early start tomorrow.

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