Nokia USA called with some bad news

After ordering the N810 online on the 20th of March, I was already upset that it was on back order. I was expecting it to come in this week as was explained by email:

Cool I thought. So I call them up to re-verify the shipping address. Then the guy says something a bit worrisome. He says "The reason we sent you an email to call us..." and I am thinking "Hey, I didn't get an email to call you guys today." but he continued... "Your order is on back order... (I was already familiar with this after already having waited for 6 days) ...and will be expected to arrive on 8 April." I was floored. I was in shock and didn't say anything. He offered "you can cancel the order and then replace the order on the 8th" and I am thinking "fuck no, I don't want to cancel and run the risk of it being on backorder again" The guy on the other end has no idea how important this device will be to me -as a customer service guy -even though he works for Nokia USA (Or let's talk, Nokia's agent in the US authorized to speak on behalf on Nokia) but he couldn't offer anything else. Lets chock this one up to yet another round of BAD LUCK. So hopefully, 22 days after buying it online, I should have it in my hands. I have placed a google widget on my iGoogle page to count down the days, hours.... Am I just a little bit obsessed?

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