Something odd going on

Well, I begin to wonder. I wonder if my bitching and complaining has gotten any results. I get an email from Nokia, saying that the items that are backordered have been split into a new order, and they would ship the items that are not on backorder in the original shipment, and then when those backordered items come, they would ship those on the new order. Fine I think, Ill get my super-ultra high mega capacity battery and my car charger, 13 days before the N810. So I investigate the links on the email and apparently, they say that the N810 and the Car charger shipped today and the super-ultra high mega capacity battery is currently on backorder. WTF!? huh? I mean seriously, WTF, If this was the case, they should have shipped it on the 20th, and I would have it right now. But there seems to be some odd shit going on over there. I just hope that everything comes through OK. So now it looks like it will arrive here on FRI and the battery will come later -somehow that doesn't jive with what the customer service dude was saying earlier. I will just have to wait and see.

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