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Sitting here typing up this listening to that Iridium Mix of 28/11/04 at about 41:00 into it. Good quality chill shit. Trying to busy myself with work tasks. I have drastically cut my participation of message boards at work and in general. Got the door of my office closed so I can listen to this music at a reasonable level. Looking through Karin's Office to the outside where it is ballz ass cold. Even with the sun out it is only going to get up to 10º F, -12º C. When I got up to start the car, I used a hand held temperature meter to measure a temp of -19.4º C which is about -3º F. I am far from being a wuss about it though. As someone who has spent 3 long cold winters in the interior of Alaska, I have seen it where it doesn't get warmer than -40º (same in F & C) for the duration of a month. So that is it gets down to -49º at night and then during the day it gets to -42º From January 1st to Feb 4th I was up there at 65º N but this type of cold ass shit isn't supposed to happen here at 41º N (latitude)

Anyway enough bitching about the cold. I am only a bit pissed that it is so nice in Denver, where it is supposed to freaking be cold! I am aware that in Florida it is nice and warm, But 'Effing Denver at 73º F (22º C) yesterday! That's freaking room temperature for god's sake!

Going to eat some good Chinese today for dinner and then go bowling with these people here at work. We will see how that goes. I haven't been bowling in a year. I usually suck at it. Like golf. I get the odd lucky shot, but as a whole I suck at it.

I am going to get myself some Subway for lunch dammit!

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