Today I feel rested. I was so tired last night that I came home from cleaning at 930pm and just zonked out. Slept until 8am. I didnt get a pace count yesterday but it would have been high. Maybe not upwards of 10,000 but close.

Yesterday, left Newburg at 11am. It rained the whole way back to Boston. The Subaru started acting up right as I was going through the Ted Williams tunnel. I dropped Off Stefanie ok, and left to go back to the office. I should have went back in to the Ted Williams, but I wasnt thinking. The Sumner was being worked on, it was leaking bad, and then they had the I-93 ramp blocked off. I had to drive through the North End, Charlestown, then get finally on at Sullivan Sq. The Subaru died in the breakdown lane next to Spot pond. I waited there for a few minutes, then was able to start it up again. Drove it directly to Subaru, of Wakefield. They checked it out and said it was the main air intake sensor. Cost $460.

So now I drove it back to the office. And then went to my cleaning job. It is all misty outside.

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