In Newburgh

NY. Drive over was slow. Got here a bit late. I picked up Steph at the airport. Drove here directly from there. Checked in to the hotel. The girl gave us funny looks cause she must have thought something fishy was going on. Steph checks in using her Surname - of course different to my surname. Both us married. But we did get 2 different rooms so I don't know what this girl was thinking. Mind must have been in the gutter :)

We went out to eat. Had some good food, I got stuffed and we came back here to the hotel. I will be eating breakfast tomorrow. I plan to check out at 0730. I am going to take care of business and then haul ass back to Boston. I had only booked 1 night into this hotel but Steph booked 2. I hope it is not a bad omen or a sign of things to come. I want to be back home by tomorrow night.

Will let you know how things went.

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