Noam Chomsky

The oddest thing just happened, I was coming back from Harvard, and I got on the train and I saw this old guy who looked like a professor. I saw he had a notebook with drawings, and notes etc. He was reading a magazine -which was poking fun at president Bush. I knew Noam Chomsky was old, but I had never seen a picture of him at all. So I just now went online, found this picture. And it just so happens that he was sitting next to me on the T. He got off at Alewife -my stop. Really odd. But it makes sense in a way. He could have come from Kendall Stop and was going to Alewife. I got on at Harvard.


Anonymous said...

that's freaky! i can imagine him riding the train too.

you should have asked him a question about politics or something :)

Chris said...


Yeah I would have. Or I would have just asked for his autograph. Rhys said he would pay me if I could have gotten his autograph. But really I didn't know it was him, until I did the google image search when I got home.