Freezing rain expected.

After spending much of the day downloading sets (D & B) from Nowsound, I decided to use the gift certificate (card) that Dave my 2nd job boss gave me from Bobs Stores. I set out and got there I have been wanting to get some new Shoes slush shoes or "breakup shoes" what we called them in Alaska. I got These. They rule! Photo taken below...

They are for when it gets slushy and the snow is melting. They have siped outsole for anti-slip.

Anyway I then went to Burlington Mall to get myself a bite and I ate "Le Petit Bistro" good stuff. I saved some of it for dinner. (in a few minutes time) Why do young teenage girls always follow a fashion trend no matter how silly it is? Case in point, those stupid UGg boots. Comeon! They would have been high fashion in Fairbanks Alaska but I think they look kind of stupid. I do like the mens Ugg Barlow, or Copley. Nice Vibram Outsole. But I see so many girls wearing them. I also wonder why in the hell does Abercrombie pump music so loud in the store? Who the fuck shops for clothes in an environment like that? I like my music but unless I am at a club/venue I like to pump my shit loud via the use of headphones. Maybe it is an indication of their intelligence. The way they would Whore themselves out like that, wearing clothes with "Abercrombie" emblazoned across the front. Or girls with "A & F" or whatever marked directly on their asses. WTF is the point of that? If you are wearing a good label -good quality clothing doesn't need to advertise itself. Other people recognize it. At the least, I prefer subtlety. Calvin Klein Jeans as an example. There is a tiny (1 x 3 cm) tag on the top of the right pocket. Nice.

I have decided I should start going to bed earlier. This going to bed at 4am shit is not going to fly when I have to go to work. Granted that was New Years Eve/Day.

A cold night, a wet cold night is in store. It was raining when I left the mall.

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