At work now

I was going to take a picture of the snow coming down but I left the camera at home. Only managed to get 5 hours of sleep again last night. If I could only get to sleep at 10pm instead of 1am things would be good. Well tonight I have to clean up the house and do laundry (gotta get quarters) before Ashley gets back on Saturday.

What pisses me off right now is the leak in my office. Some background:

7-6-04 We move in to a different office, smaller, more effecient, newer building. Perfect! I step down from having a 400 sq ft (37 sq meter) office and lab area to a 288 sq foot (26 sq meter) office/lab area combined. I got gyped cause everyone else got new desks and new chairs new everything and I have my old ass shit. But that is another rant in and of itself.
I thought everything was fine. The it rained. For the next few months it was only my office that had a leak. Back in Nov the office across the hall from me, Karin, hers started leaking and then I didn't feel so bad. It started a chain of events now though that it has affected the office next to me, and an office down the hall. The building owners don't seem like they are doing enough. It seems someone would have noticed when they were installing the drop ceiling they would have noticed. These buildings are adaptable the inside of them are built to spec. Walls etc everything. I doubt they are going to be able to fix this problem at all. But it is pissing me off right now. I am slightly better after the morning coffee. "Spiced Egg nog" flavor... I am not a big fan of flavored coffee which saw its rise to fame in the early 90's. But I do like it on occasion. Like the Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee at Honey Dew Donuts. Also a bit excited that there is a new Subway franchise in the office park. Before we had to go through a heavy traffic spot to eat lunch. But now I can walk to the Subway which rocks.
Will try and get home for lunch though and then I can take some more photos and will post them on here later tonight.

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