Thanks to my good friend Bishop, he has directed me to some ambient stuff.

First Set
Second Set

The parent site

I think the following quote should be read though before listening to it

Quote from Bishop:

yo... check out this link, and especially the iridium sets. i'm not sure how much ambient stuff you've listened to, but this stuff is excellent imo. nice and soothing, with that fsol psychadelic-ish psychosis. lots of arabian nights sounds to it too since it's ambient on the goa side. one thing i know is that the electronic music snobs regularly say that trance is garbage.. and i'd agree with them to a large extent. but i've never once heard anyone really say that goa or psy-trance is crap. the stuff's definitely one of my favorite genres. it's got this sound that seems almost untouched by commercial influences. lots of diverse sub-genres within the sub-genre too. the ambient stuff is best played when you're either in a funky mood orwhen you're tired. heh, obviously, otherwise it wouldn't be
called ambient.

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