One more complaint before lunch

It's that time of year again. I have received all of my Tax forms from my 2 jobs, Student loan, and Ashley's forms. Last year I bought software from Turbo Tax cause I didn't feel like being financially raped by H & R Block. I have up until 2000 been doing my taxes by myself. Things get complicated -as they usually do - and I went to H & R Block in 2002. Anyway Last year I got the Turbo Tax plus state and it was brilliant! Well worth the $30. But I thought you could update this and use it every year. Apparently you can't do this. So, pissed off, I went to Staples and bought the new program. On the box it says something about the State forms being included. But it turns out you have to buy a separate program and then send in for the rebate. Bastards! I mean, what the fuck is the point of buying something and then sending in for a rebate that takes 4-6 weeks to get back? A period of time that is longer than the period of time it takes to get a Federal refund.

I still think buying a program and doing it yourself is a better alternative to paying $200 to have someone working for minimum wage -who H & R probably pulled from a temp agency - to run through a similar program on the computer while you sit in their office with Green decor. These people probably aren't qualified to do shit except follow prompts on a computer. I would rather buy a program and follow my own prompts thank you. And also not line the pockets of dirty old Fat Cat executives who own H & R Block so they can take vacations in Mexico sipping on Margaritas fondling young waitresses.

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