Window Dressing

Sadly, it is the truth. I spent the better part of yesterday and most of the day today cleaning up the office in preparation for Paul (my boss) and his visit Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. He will be conducting an annual review and although we have had a good year, we have had a few blunders as well. A colleague of mine in the UK who is at odds with Paul (He used to work under Paul in the UK) once said "We all make mistakes" and that phrase has stuck in my mind. I feel as if I am preparing for a board. I admit last year (Feb 2004) I was not prepared in the least for the barrage of questioning and constructive criticism that came. This year I have taken tools I learned in the army, like going before a board. A practice I haven't done since my interview (May 2002) which actually was a board. I know I should have nothing to worry about it is only Paul. But I want to come out of this being on top of things. So the office is mostly clean, the conference room is booked, and all I have to do is finish up cleaning and prepare myself mentally for it. Since leaving the army I think my military bearing has been eroded as well as my physical condition. I still keep a military state of mind when it comes to doing missions (road trips) but I think my focus has been lost.

I have all weekend and part of Monday to prepare. I have got to get my head out of the fifth point of contact here and get things straight. It seems it is too little too late, I know, but I will see how it goes.

Main Entry: window dressing
Function: noun
1 : the display of merchandise in a retail store window
2 a : the act or an instance of making something appear deceptively attractive or favorable b : something used to create a deceptively favorable or attractive impression
- win·dow-dress /'win-dO-"dres/ transitive verb
- window dresser noun

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