OK Weekend

This weekend has been OK. At least we made it above freezing! Saturday We went out and shopped for a bit. I got a few new shirts and a new pair of Jeans. Went looking for laptops, as Ashley wants to get one. Must have Centrino shit in it. I want to get one of those wireless cards for mine but they are still about $50. Wireless router with firewall etc is $89. They had some sweet deals at Comp USA for laptops.

I dont know shit about securing a wireless network for the home though.

Today Ashley wanted to go see a movie so she went while I stayed home with Daniella. Then we went to On The Border (Warning: annoying automatic flash site with shitty music) and the fuqheads said it would be an hours wait. Fuck that! So we went to Friday's (Warning: annoying automatic flash site with shitty music) and ate there which was OK. Still busy as hell. I was wondering why so many people wanted to go out to eat on a Sunday night. But there was still a 25 minute wait at Fridays. Guess people just wanted to get out after spending 2 weeks in the fucking deep freeze.

So now I am full as hell as I type this. Paul is getting a car tomorrow so I don't have to pick him up at the airport. A bit worried about the review though. Will see how it goes.

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