Adam Beyer

Well to my good friend from Australia, Adam Beyer is an excellent artist.

The mix in question which put me to sleep last night, and drowned out the annoying noise of my neighbors is:


I first listened to the Essential Mix.


Still raining I walked to the bank with a "Big-Ass" umbrella and managed to get my trouser legs soaked. This is an amazing feat since I live only about a 5 min walk from the bank.


Anonymous said...

thanks mate but 84 Mb will give my dialup a coronary..

if you know any smaller files < 10 Mb i'd definitely give it a go.


Chris said...

Oh No problem.

I'll find some later. Do you know anyone with broadband?

I know at my work they dont allow mp3 downloading no matter how small.

Will try and find something smaller for you.

Chris said...

Here is one smaller.. not sure how big though