Beautiful day

I went up to Yarmouth today. Late leaving. I have been jamming to Sutekh "Chillout mix" which is great. The mp3 link from clubbing.plAt about 50:00 into it there is a great track. Like most mixes, there are some tracks which I don't like. They and Safety Scissors has some really dark stuff online. Also some really excellent psychedelic stuff. The "chillout mix" which I pulled from clubbing.pl is not dark at all it is just great. Also listened to Dorfmeister's mix for Tilos. Lots of great tracks on that one. The ending track says something about a beautiful day and it was well suited for my drive cause the sun was shining and the temps were nice.

Job was even sweeter. I had failed to stop by REI to pick up a mosquito head net. So I doused myself with 100% DEET and they pretty much left me alone. Job went well.

Nothing else really except trying to figure out the purpose of a "blog" other than for use as a diary/journal. I feel like a jackass asking people, but I will figure it out in time (and then edit this crap out)

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