My second night in Bangor Maine. And to set the record straight, it's pronounced "Bane-gore". Every time I stay here I always eat dinner at the Olive Garden cause I don't really know where anything else is. Bangor is an odd mix of New England and the rest of the continental US. With chains like "Arby's" mixed in with distinctively New England shops and coffee places. I only know of one place to stay in Bangor. I always stay there too. Go for what you know so to speak. They pissed me off yesterday when I was trying to check in. They didn't have my room which was reserved two weeks in advance, cause of some flight crew didn't check out until 6pm. I hope those miserable you-know-what's had to pay for an extra day! I oughta try that sometime. Check out at 6pm just for the hell of it. So anyway, the staff at the hotel didn't have my room ready at 1815 and said it would be a half hour before the room was ready. I took my suitcase into the bathroom and changed, semi-washed up and went to eat at you know where. Had a nice meal with desert & coffee no less, and then returned to the hotel at 2030 and they still took 30 minutes to get me a 'Effin room! Took loads of camera phone shots of the Maine countryside whilst driving to Winterville. Got eaten alive by the 'Effing blackflies and various other winged insects. A stupid yellow jacket tried to fly up my trouser leg and I knew once she did that she would have stung me, so that happened about once every 5 minutes while I am trying to perform my actual job here! Lovely scenery, straight up hauled ass up there and back down. Burned the hell out of some gas and the Subaru is due up for an oil change but I'll see if I can do that later. I was pushing it for the Subaru, doing 80 on the Interstate and 70 on the small forest roads. Hugging every curve and feeling every dip and bump. Virtually NO traffic on route 11 which was awesome. Sometimes I get stuck behind a lady/gent who were in their 20's during the great depression - going about 20 miles under the limit or right at the limit. Or I get stuck behind some logging trucks that only go slow to piss me off, cause they go slow on the straight and level ground, when I can't pass, then when I can pass they speed up. You get a lot of this up there.
Tomorrow I expect to get eaten alive by the mosquitoes and flies etc at Yarmouth. I am straight up hauling ass to get there too. So I can get back to Boston and chill in the office. -By chill I mean work nicely indoors without being attacked by bugs, sipping some good imported British tea, use of the facilities etc. Don't get me wrong, I like working outdoors. It offers a nice change of pace as opposed to sitting on my arse all day typing things, working on the bench etc. Anyway, I will see how it goes.

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