Well I exited Govt. Center Station and saw the tents, everything. The tents were empty except some tables. Looks like they abandoned ship. So I walked around Boston for a bit. Put my headphones in and just walked. To Downtown Crossing, Chinatown, Theatre district, back to Govt. Center, North End, and back to Haymarket very nice walk. Took lots of nice photos and soundbites. I wish I had had a video camera cause there was an asian guy who was trying to steal some guy's eggplant (a vendor at Haymarket) and the guy almost got in a fight with him. I dont know what it is with these asians and the vendors (usually Italian) they always are getting in fights and the Italians are always cursing them out. Clearly this guy (the asian) was trying to steal the eggplant. I took some photos, got some good soundbites, We will see how it goes. I wonder if there is a place that will host .wmv's That would be cool to share, so you could hear as well as see the photos. But I haven't even got somewhere to host photos yet.

UPDATE: Will post photos of this tomorrow.

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