Lost a set of keys!

Damn! I lost one set of keys. I didnt realize it until afternoon and have been looking for them ever since. Last time I saw them was when I was at Stop and shop last night buying dinner. I used the little plastic stop and shop discount card attached to the keys. Was at home & work thats all. Searched high and low. -No dice.

I am only worried because there is a chance of me having an army dog tag attached to them. But the wife says I only had one on my set of keys -her memory is way better than mine. I pray that if they are truly lost, then they don't have the dog tag on it cause it has my full name, SSN, Blood type and religon on it!

Damn and more damn!

I think they will turn up somewhere. I lost a Cannon Elph camera (the tiny one) and it showed up about 1.5 years later. I can't even really remember what keys were on it, I remember there was the Subaru spare key on it, and the key to the old building. but I don't think there was any other keys on it. I have my house keys, car keys on 2 different rings and I use a fake D-ring to hold it all together. The only thing that I do remember being on it for sure is about 5 different plastic tags for different stores.

Stop and shop
Another grocer
Video store

I just hope it turns up. I went back to the office and looked for them there. No dice.

Getting a bit pissed off finally!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Now it is working.

Cool. When are you going to get some family pics up?


Chris said...

Well when I get a good host. Or I could delete the turkey's photo album in my webshots (user=Dogstar1288)