We made it

The reason this update is not done on the evening of the 28th is because Rhys needed my access code to get his mail, so I will wait until tomorrow (29) to send this message to the blog.

The trip down- stressful. Rhys got in on time. I left for the airport allowing some extra time cause of the rain. I got there early cause there was no traffic. Central parking was full so they had a valet-type parking they were using every available spot (not just parking spots but corridors as well. So they said for me to leave the keys in the car. I went in and collected Rhys and we went back and no one was to be found. No valets no one. And there is the Subaru with the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked. Nice. Rhys drove the whole way down here. It was not a pleasant drive at all. Rain was heavy at times. We stopped at Framingham services and picked up some refreshments. Then we had to stop in around New Haven as well for gas. By now the sun was setting (it was still raining but it was getting dark) Continued on to NYC. Traffic was semi bad slowing down at times. We got to our critical turn (After Co-op city onto the cross-Bronx expressway) we got off at the right exit but actually got off the highway so we are driving in the Bronx. The neighborhoods didn't look too bad, but we did go underneath a elevated railway and a subway train was going overhead. They have gotten some spiffy new subway cars with LED's to show the route number/Letter. With mine and Rhys' excellent sense of direction we got back onto the highway and headed for the GWB. We got into the wrong lanes for cars (upper deck is reserved for Trucks) but we drove through. Still raining non stop. Once we crossed into NJ the roads got darker and truckers got bolder almost clipping us. We made it to our exit. And to the hotel. I got soaked going to and from the car to the hotel twice cause you have to put a tag in the car that says you are a guest. We decided to not eat out at a restaurant because neither of us could be bothered to go out in the rain. So we settled for hotel food. Ordered ourselves a whiskey and a Sam Adams. Got a salad (OK) and then a starter of calamari (rubbery and hard - sucked but we ate it) The entrees didn't fare any better but what do you expect eating in the hotel? The bill came to be $80 which pissed me off a bit, but it was food in our stomachs and now I can go to sleep with ease.

Tomorrow, I am going to have breakfast at 0715. I will try to get online and post this to the blog. But it all depends on whether Rhys is in the room at 0600. He had said he wanted to go to the fitness room. He will probably be up at 0500.

Currently it is 2240 on the 28th. And I am off to bed. It's still raining. Hope it stops before tomorrow

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