No sleep again

Well its midnight again and I can't sleep again. My brother's birthday. (31) Next year it is 30 for me! I really need to start getting back into it running, whatever. I hate being out of shape. A work colleague of mine who is from Wales he does triathalons etc. He eats whatever he wants as well. He says he hasn't had a cold in 6 years. Since I am getting older the metabolism is going to slow down dramatically. Also if I was fit -so I hear- the body can go on less sleep. (a good thing) but right now -when I do sleep, I am getting as much as 7-8 hours and I still feel tired in the afternoons.

This particular night is different. One reason probably being that it all of a sudden got HOT as hell. Today was fine, but I noticed some dark couds and low pressure was coming in. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and this weekend. I will have to take a rain coat to the Taste of Boston.
So currently its 19ยบ C but the RH is 100% so its foggy out. And it also makes it hot as hell. I probably have to turn the air conditioners on. Also 1015.7 hPa. Wind is a non-existant 2.6m/s -again making it hot as hell.

Been doing some searching and found some stuff from Neotropic. Apparently you can't get the album "White Rabbits" over here. A work colleague of mine is going back to the UK for a couple of weeks so I will see if he can get the album for me. I have heard the track "New Cross" I don't want to link to the mp3 on here cause it is housed on another Blog somewhere but do a media search for it cause it is awesome. At the end they have a sound sample taken from the Northern line in the Underground in London. Someone was traveling south and the train stopped at Kennington. Excellent soundbite.

After work tonight (I worked late again) I went to Stop and shop picked up some ingredients to make myself a dinner. The eating out thing was getting old to be honest. Also picked up a 6 pack of Panna. I have been into drinking water from all over. When I was in Maine I bought some Evian. I normally go for Poland Spring. But last night I stopped at a place called "Wild Oats Market" and got myself some Guyaki Yerba Mate. While in the water Aisle I saw some water called "Volvic" and also "Iceland" Volvic being from VOlvic, France of course and Iceland being from Reykjavik. For all I know they are just turning on the tap in some dingy Hotel somewhere in Reykjavik, but I found the bottle to be cool so I bought it.
Another favorite of mine is "Fiji" it is more expensive than Poland Spring but it tastes awesome. Most people think "Water is water" but I disagree. As a complete last resort I will buy "Aquafina" and "Dasani" cause all they are is distilled water from the tap in Purchase, NY or Atlanta or wherever your local Pepsi/Coke bottling plant is.
I for one believe the hype. I love Poland Spring and I am always disappointed when I am in a shop somewhere and they don't have it. Apparently they don't sell Poland Spring elsewhere in the country. (Sipping from a cool bottle of Panna now)

Maybe a nice shower will help me fall asleep. I refuse to take some Unisom again because -although it works quite effectively, it works too effectively. I sleep through the alarm etc. No I will take a nice shower that way it will ease my muscles and I will reap the double reward of also being clean.

Yeah I'll try that.

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