Today was better

Today was better. I woke up and made myself some Pete & Gerry's eggs. And got dressed etc. Left again. I realized I forgot a bottle of water to take with me to drink. Oh well. Got to Govt. Center just like yesterday. Bam! place was happening! Forgot to bring my money though so I went to the ATM and then bought some tickets. See they sold tickets (see above) and all the money went to charity (cool). In turn you take these tix and present them to the vendors (restaurants etc.) and they give you food for them. About 2-3 for a small snippet of food. I also went up to the so-called party at City hall ramps to get myself a beer. They checked ID yadda yadda yadda. The beer was either Stella or Bass. They also had Rolling Rock. They were 4 tickets each. After a semi OK Bass, I walked back down to the food again. Had some more and walked to the stage where some no-name American Idolesque girl was singing. After that some other no-name American Idolesque black girl got up an stage. She was OK -I guess. Nothing like Fantasia from American Idol. Anyway I was getting bored with that (Plus the lineup had some cRap artist on afterwards so I walked around again. Walked to the North End again. I love that place. The smells and the tiny streets. I wished I could have eaten in a restaurant but if I went in by myself I would have looked like an ass. Anyway I walked down to the North End Playground by the water. Then I realized I had never been to the USS Constitution. So I set off walking. The thing is FAR though. Its in Charlestown across the river. It was 1550 when I got there. I saw a sign that said "We close at 3:50pm" [how do I make an angry face?] So after walking very very far, I went back. By now I was getting a tad hungry so I decided to take a chance with my stomach and get a meal from "Bombay Club" Chicken Curry and a bottle of water. While I was eating this, I sat down in the food-court type seating area in Quincy Market. Now this place is busy for those who don't know. Its always busy. So you are sitting at a very long table and someone you don't know is sitting right next to you, touching you, and if you are lucky, they might spill coffee/beverage/food on you. But I wasn't so lucky today. The thing that bothered me was a nameless 13 year oldish girl was eating a dish from Bombay club as well. But she had more food than I did! I didn't even finish mine and she... Well Holy bejezus! This fattification of America problem is getting pretty bad. I was trying to finish my meal which as I said was Chicken Curry with Basmati rice and Lentil soup which was green and for those of you who don't have kids or babies sorry but I won't say what the stuff looked like. It tasted fine though. I probably couldn't have eaten the whole thing cause it was HUGE which explains my shock at the small girl sitting next to me. Then some broad sitting across from me was talking to her sig. other on the phone. Asking him/her if they wanted something from the "Boston Chowda company" apparently they did so -and you can't help but listen in to the conversations when they are sitting right next to you. Then this person must have asked this lady "Did you have anything to eat?" or something similar. She said in a normal tone of voice "No I had diarrhea." (Gross out of the day) I am listening to her, not wanting to listen to her, hearing her say this so matter-of-factly, and I have a spoonful of greenish brown mushy lentil soup in my spoon about to eat it. But I don't. I try and think about nice things, pleasant things. Like Strawberry Ice cream. Like Fresh baked bread. Like Pina colada's served to me while sunning myself on a beach somewhere in Mexico. But it did not help.
I didn't finish. I probably wouldn't have been able to anyway.
Left there. Walked it off (the meal) went back to Downtown crossing. Went down to the station and thought I might like to go to Harvard. So I did. no probs. Walked around for a bit up there. Went into Newbury Comics and picked up 2 albums. Walked around some more (liking the whole walking the meal off idea) got back on the T. Went back to Downtown Crossing. Then got on the Outbound to Sullivan Sq.

Sorry this post is long, So much to talk about. I will post the photos from SAT & SUN tomorrow.

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