Testing out the Email thing

As I will be traveling next week, I am testing this email to the blog feature. I may have to do this in the future and it seems as if it is easier than the type in microsoft word, copy, paste, re-edit etc that I have done in the past (from Maine) plus using this I will be able to send to the blog at the end of each day rather than waiting to get back into civilization. -By civilization I mean places where I am not on dial up. Most hotels are still not offering "high-speed" internet access and using this E-mail feature looks like it will do the trick.

Now to tell you about the upcoming events. On Tuesday I pick up my good friend Rhys (the Welshman) from the airport. We from there drive down to Newark via NYC. We check into the hotel, and then we go and have ourselves a nice meal at one of the few good places still in Newark that isn't infested with crack-ho's, pimps, and junkies. Then on Wednesday we perform the work we are down there for, drive back to Boston (Rhys hates NJ -I can't say I blame him either) I spend Wednesday night at home while Rhys will be in a hotel. Then on Thursday, we go up to Portsmouth, NH to do another job. Then I haul ass back home to change, clean up and head into one nationally recognized retail chains for a job interview (night job). Then that pretty much is it. So updating this blog via E-mail should prove a valuable tool. Also the week starting 4 October. I will be near New Haven, CT.

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