Bored out of my gord

With everyone gone I am bored out of my gord. Not having cable doesn't help either. Thank God for .mp3's and the internet. Semi-busy with work. Had to work in NH last night until 2am which was fun. I had forgotten to bring along a coat or sweater or something to protect me from the abrupt change in climate. It went from about 20º C, 50%RH to about 11ºC, and 96%RH which put a chill in my bones. It was the Piscataqua river currents below that I feared. Fog began to form in the air. Not very badly still > 2000m visibility but that probably changed when I was driving home in the Merrimack valley, very thick fog which was scary. I reduced my speed and avoided the drunks and or bad drivers.

Tomorrow I have to get up very early so's I can drive once again to Maine-only Yarmouth. Only a 1.5 hour drive which helps. I may be able to see the colors on some of the leaves change -looking forward to that. However I am not looking forward to the mosquitoes which are surely to be there. I failed to get a mosquito head-net this past week. I will try wearing a hoodie sweater and gloves -as little exposed skin as possible.

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