Busy day

Today I got up early, (for a change) stretched out and did some light weight training. Chowed down on some cheerios (dry) and went to work -still early. Worked until 1730 and I could have stayed longer packing for tomorrow (probably should have done so) but I just came home. Fixed myself some spaghetti and I think I will do some work here at home in preparation for tomorrow.
Packing tomorrow (avoiding the rain) and pick up Rhys at 1400. The drive to Sturbridge might suck and it may take longer than 4hrs to get to Newark, but we gotta get there. I will try and convince Rhys to eat at the same restaurant we ate at before. Last time I was down I didn't have the digital camera nor did I have the GPS. These will make the trip more tolerable. The particular area we are going to is off of the Garden State Parkway and the on ramps, off ramps et al are like a spaghetti bowl of roads. VERY confusing to the outsider. I am sure the roads around here can be similarly confusing to people not used to them.
So that's the plan. I will depart my office at about 1350 and then I will probably update the blog that evening (around 2300) from the hotel in Newark -complete with all the details of what happened in the spaghetti bowl.

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