One last thought for the night.

OK one last thought for the night. I am going to bed but only after I make it known that there is absolutely nothing on TV except a fake stock scam infomercial, WWE girls fake wrestling, and bad reception on channels like PAX, WGBH (PBS). Oh and home shopping. (not having cable sucks -oh did I already mention that?) Rest assured that when I turn on the TV tomorrow I can be quite confident that I will be able to learn all about the joys of Ronco's new miracle product or learn about the sharpest knives out there which are a $300 value but can be had for the low price of 4 payments of $19.99. I have already de-programmed the Spanish channel nonsense. I think there are 3 or 4 of them. So that leaves me with 2 PBS's (fortunately, as PBS seems to be the best channels on now) and the regular broadcast channels. CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, UPN, WB, PAX. and Home shopping. Which doesn't do me any good.

New Hampshire Channels don't come in very well cause I think they broadcast from Manchester or they may broadcast from Nashua or Portsmouth (who really knows?)

Having said that I will now fall fast asleep.

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