A new thought enters our story

While it is currently 0139 I am having a very hard time sleeping again which is odd as I travel extensively -I have no trouble sleeping alone. Odd that now I am home and home alone I am finding it hard to fall asleep. So listening to Sander Kleinenberg's classic Essential Mix and thoughts going through my mind. Like the other day I was watching an episode on PBS called Innovation This episode was quite cool as they were talking about Brain Fingerprinting Basically they are measuring brainwaves via an EEG looking for a P300 response to certain probes to find out if someone has knowledge of a particular crime. This is exciting and innovative technology for use as an investigative tool and a tool against terrorism. Also I think it is quite cool to firstly help keep guilty people in jail and keep innocent people from going to jail. It has and has now been admitted as scientific evidence in court.

Another reason I probably cant sleep is because I slept yesterday (14th) morning and most of the day CORRECTION: I said I was working in NH "last night" but to clarify it was Monday night. So I drove through the fog to the office. Couldn't be bothered to offload the Subaru. Just got in my car and drove home. So now my sleep schedule is messed up.

Anyway I am supposed to be up in Yarmouth for 0900 which means I have to leave here at 0700 considering the traffic on 128. Just have to get through this busy season.

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