Diagnosis "Shagged"

The Subaru ran well enough today for me to take it to the Subaru garage. They had a look at it and said it was the clutch. They also had a list of problems in total amounting to $1650 in repairs. I had to fax Paul the estimate so he can check with Birmingham, the UK (Upper management) to see if we can go forward with the repairs.

So the Subaru is waiting at the garage tonight. The $1650 does not even include any brake repairs. The brakes are shagged as well.

Also I got the package from Andy today. He was in the UK a few weeks back he picked up John B's CD "In Transit" which you can't get over here. Also he got me a cool safety vest (orange) from the London Underground. I will take photos of it tomorrow. It didn't look like a tourist thing so he must have either known someone or nicked it off someone in London.


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