Off to bed

I should get off to bed early tonight. I need to get into the office by 0730 or so tomorrow. in order to prep for New Haven, CT. With me on this trip will be my copy of "Fast Food Nation" -in case I get bored. But I think things are going to happen so quickly that I won't have time to read. I plan on posting an update tomorrow night from the hotel room. But I may post an update before then. -just before I leave the office to pick up Paul.
I watched the "Super Size Me" DVD with commentary from Morgan Spurlock and his girlfriend Alex. Very cool feature. It's like they are in your living room talking to you while the movie is playing.
So its off to bed, I already drank my 1L of water from dinner and still thirsty. I think there is a half liter of Poland Spring in the fridge though.

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