Red Sox WIN!

Well it was another nail biter. But we pulled it off tonight! Awesome feeling. I had to crack open a few drinks in the 9th Inning cause I was getting worried. But when it ended, I celebrated by ordering up some Chinese and picking it up across the street. Lemon Chicken with Steamed white rice.

Pictures are up from Connecticut. I tried to get artsy with them. I would like a new Digital camera and it is within the realm of possibility using my hotel rewards points. But I want to save up for an iPod Mini. I currently have a good amount of points saved up and the iPod Mini is ideal cause of its size and its space on disk. I already use a radio transmitter for use in the car using my mp3CD player. Now all I need is the $249 iPod Mini. Of course I won't pay jack for it once my personal shopper comes back to me with the quote. I suspect it will be more than what I have so I will have to save the points.

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