Today started pretty early. I have the camera in my backpack/rucksack. I don't feel like getting it out to upload photos now. The day started at 6 and I woke from a somewhat bad dream. And I realized how much I miss my wife and daughter. It was hearing Daniella crying on the phone last night that did it. They will be here soon though.
The work was fast paced and we were done by 1300. A quick two hours drive back to Boston went by. Paul was driving back from Hartford as I couldn't drive the manual Subaru and eat at the same time. (I don't even like to do this in an automatic). We stopped at a gas station and got sandwiches and water. A healthy alternative to Fast Food Nation.
So I was flipping through the radio at about Sturbridge. There were two idiots on talking about politics and the Vice Presidential debate (that was on???) and the guy (there was a guy and a girl on the radio -a music station) said "I don't care about other countries I don't care if they just fell off the face of the earth... France can kiss my ass." I am sitting there rolling my eyes and thinking "what a F'in idiot!

The global economy needs international trade the US needs to import and export goods. This lamebrain probably didn't realize this though. He was one of those "Let's flatten that country" (roll eyes again). I got sick of it and popped in some LTJ Bukem but Paul said it was shite. (jokingly of course) He agreed that it was better than the shite on the radio.

So we made it back to the office and we picked up our mail quickly and he took the Subaru back to his posh hotel and I drove my car home.

I fixed some biscuits and vegetables and corn -yes I am aware that corn is a vegetable as well. Nice dinner eh? I need to pick up some milk and eggs. Then I can make some more things for dinner this week.

That's about it really. Oh when I came home it was freakin' freezing! the temp said it was 60ยบ so I fired up the plug in heaters I brought home from work and got it nice inside. That in combination with the stove being utilized to make biscuits warmed things up nice.

So it's off to bed and maybe watching a bit of "America's Next Top Model".

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