Plane Ride

****Plane ride****
Well I didn't take out my PC. For those that don't know Southwest airlines has a "first come first serve" format for seating. So I found a nice seat in the second row in the aisle. There was a girl in her mid twenties sitting in the window seat and her young 8 month old daughter sitting with her. I can understand from someone's point of view that they would want to avoid sitting next to a small baby. But since I had gotten used to Daniella crying and screaming it didn't bother me. So I got a nice seat near the front even though I wasn't in line near the front.
I usually like to plug in my headphones and jam or read a book immerse myself. I was reading my current favorite book "Fast Food Nation" and she (the mother) kept talking to me. I usually don't like to make conversation with people sitting next to me, but for her I made an exception as she had a baby and I was having a chat with her about my Daniella. I am quite friendly but some part of me finds it odd to speak to someone about personal things (she was asking me all sorts like what I did for work etc) and then when you arrive at your destination you just say "take care" etc as if you are their best friend. But on the other hand talking to someone makes the time go by much quicker. She told me about her husband and how he was in the army but got out and is now works for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Dept. A slight coincidence as this guy was in the army and also stationed at Ft. Campbell. But he was there later than I was.
Back to the issue of talking with people -its odd how some people just can open up to complete strangers on a plane. Get those same people riding the T on a weekday morning and they would never utter a word to their fellow passengers. Just the other month I was flying from Boston to Denver and some guy starts a conversation. I find out that the guy works in Lynn and is moving offices to the same town I work in! Not only that he is moving offices to the same Street I work on! Effing amazing.
Anyone reading this will gather that I like to maintain a safe sense of anonymity and meeting strangers on flights gives me pause.

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