I am now working in the office and I have been doing so since about noon. As soon as I arrived I didn't want to take any chances so I went to completely disarm the alarms. I was given a green confirmation and I took this as it being DISARMED from its heightened state. (perfectly normal) I worked in my office until I needed to print something out. I walked next to the printer I usually use -next to the computer room and the alarm went off. I went to disarm it from the inside in the closest door and it didn't work. I walked over to the area where the alarm company calls to answer the phone call from them and they all had their phones FWD to VM so I went outside and disarmed it and the alarm had stopped & by now the cops were here. They took my DL No. and my name. They noted the broken glass at the front which has been broken for a week. I was quite scared as it was totally unexpected. I am going to leave soon though.

So I think we need to have the alarm company phone number handy so that If I do set it off in the future I can immediately call them and tell them the password. Rather than messing around trying to wait for a call that may or may not come. (for all I know they tried to call but it went directly to a VM.)

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