The Subie finally died

I drove down to New Haven, CT today. Fine day as it was pissing it down. After getting wet and cold, I came back. I was driving the Subaru through Hartford and I noticed the engine jumping. There must have been some water which got into the electrical or something. I made it to the Newton Plaza on the Masspike and paid the toll While waiting in line it almost stalled. I tried to bring it home but it just wouldn't work. I got as far as 0.5 miles after paying the tolls at Newton. then I had to pull over in the breakdown lane. Help arrived about an hour later and the cost of towing was $129. (13 miles) I felt sorry for the driver. He said he moved to Boston from Jamacia 30 years ago and he seemed happy in his job but it is a dangerous job and he said he doesn't get any cut of the towing fee. He just gets paid an hourly wage. One reason he wasn't bothered with getting stuck in traffic. (it was 4pm when he picked me up) That towing company is getting rich, crazy FAT rich.

Anyway we talked about the Red Sox nail-biting incredible victory last night and he brought me back to the office. I will try and get the Subie fixed tomorrow.

Posted some photos of Daniella, and of the fall foilage. Today was cold, rainy and cold. It rained ALL DAY. Now I got home late, ate dinner and it is time to get warm, dry and relax with a nice cuppa' Cranberry juice.

Enjoy the photos.

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