Nothing much really

Nothing much to report from here really. I just got back from dropping Paul off at the airport. They had a nice helpful electronic messageboard now as you exit the airport that says "Best route to I-93 use Williams Tunnel" Hell that would have been helpful on 25 August! I am just going to go that way now every time until they are finished with the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Driving around North Station, Storrow Drive, MGH, O 'Brien Hwy. is a huge pain in the ass. So the Ted Williams it is. Ted Williams tunnel to Freedom tunnel to Zakim Bridge. It seems like a huge roundabout way of getting to where I need to go but it is way better than the alternative.

Find out more about the Big Dig here.

Other than that the weather is awesome.

At Bedford:

Air Temperature: 22º C
Relative Humidity: 20%
Wind Velocity: 2.68m/s
Wind Direction: 220º
Barometric Pressure: 1028.2 hPa

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