October is here

Today I woke up very early and went to pick up Rhys at the hotel. We immediately drove to NH again and Rhys did what he had to do. Then He drove to the airport. He got out and I drove the Subaru back to the office. I had a training session which started at 1200 and lasted for 2 hours. It was during this session that I had realized that I needed to make an appointment for a drug test. So I jet home and I immediately call the place and the lady I spoke with said they are completely full up until Monday. I stress that I need to have the test today (to be within the 24 hour policy) and she, in a sarcastic tone, replied back with a "why didn't you call us before" so I explained the whole NH thing. For all they know I couldn't have had access to a cell phone. But in reality I was so spaced this morning -at 0500 -that I forgot to record the number so I could schedule it while I was in NH. I called the potential place of employment again. The HR person is gone until Monday. I spoke with the store manager to see if I could either have another interview or go somewhere else to take the test and I got a "You can re-apply in six months". I called the clinic again. I stopped by the clinic to see if there was any way I could take the test today. It seemed to me that it was dependant on which company I was seeking employment for. As in "Oh you are with company X we are booked up" -sort of vibe.

So this is stressing me out very much. I still have to sort out this CT job and I will have to do that on Monday unfortunately. It's currently 1640 and I have been up working for 10.5 hours.

Going home to go to bed. I will post pictures tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

that's gotta suck. you should have given them the sample in reception :)

how did it go in the end anyway?


Chris said...

Well I apparently lost it. I walked out I opened the glass door to the way out and I guess I either 1) didn't know my own strength, or 2) was too mad to even notice but I opened the door enough to make such a noise I was afraid I broke the glass but I doubt I did cause no one came after me. It was a suite in a office building so I had to walk to the elevators (lifts) and wait to go down. Someone would have came out and said "Hey you broke this door". No one came out.

I was so mad I didnt eat dinner, I just came home and went to sleep. Woke up at 6 this morning and have been vegetating in bed ever since. Until now.