Portsmouth, NH -Thursday

So we are now talking about yesterday, (30S) and We both started the day early. I left my house at 0600 and we went to NH. Did 2 jobs there and left by 1530. Very productive day. I was all set for my job interview at a well-known national retail chain at 1800. I arrived 10 minutes early. The interview went off without a hitch. It was the perfect interview. I ACED it. Having said that, I was offered a position. It didn't pay much ($8 per hour) but in today's economy every little bit helps. I was very excited and glad to have been offered the job. Years of going before boards and being able to speak and react quickly to trick questions, to exude the highest level of confidence, to be assertive. All were done with flying colors. It was policy to have a drug test done within 24 hours of the interview. I had no problem with this so I was to call a place local to here and schedule an appointment this was to be done today (01) as the medical offices were closed at 1930. Time to celebrate (slightly). Rhys had never been to Boston or Cambridge. We were going to have a meal and go out. I drove to Malden and they had a shuttle bus service to Sullivan (had I known this I would have just drove to Sullivan). But anyway by now it had started to rain. We decided to just drive to Sullivan. And thanks to my intrinsic sense of direction, I was able to drive from Malden station to Sullivan Sq. in the dark, in the rain without ever having been on these roads before in my life. This was no small feat as the shuttle bus -who had probably gone via a more direct route -arrived at the station (Sullivan) at the same time I did. (Score one for me.) We rode into town, Rhys commented that "it was like a mini Underground" and yes it is like a mini Underground. London has -I believe the most track of any subway system in the world, although NYC has more stops. Boston's is small but effective. Rhys used to live in London by the way.
So I took Rhys to Harvard. we walked around and though it was raining it suited him just fine as the streets reminded him of his native Wales and also the rain added to the illusion. We had a few drinks at Grafton St. and also at some other place -a Texas style Tex-Mex place on Church St. Which had mediocre beer. The whisky (Glennfiddich) was ok. At about 12.30 AM we headed home. I was to wake up at 0430 that is 3.5 hours away from when I went to sleep as It was 1AM when I got back.

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