Update 2042

Man, time moves by much quicker with my family home again. Where did the weekend go? Today I bought a 6 x 9 foot carpet for the living room at BJ's which is better cause our hardwood floors seep cold air up from the cellar. I managed to get it in the trunk of my versatile Ford Focus Sedan with fold down rear seating. Who needs an SUV?
I am still getting past the shock that it costs $22 for a week's worth of baby formula. Took some good photos tonight of her. She is getting bigger by the day. I can't wait for her to get over having colic but after that the next big hurdle is her cutting teeth. Life is an adventure.

Back to work tomorrow. I have to get ready for Tennessee. I plan on flying down on the 24th of Oct. Bust ass and get it done by Friday the 29th. Will see how it goes. It is going to be challenging as I have to perform more tasks this time around (We visit TN 4 times in a year).

I will find some time to post some photos.

The Red Sox lost again... Oh damn I think they are on now...Matsui on 2nd, Scoreless...Now Matsui within Scoring position on 3rd! OUT! now 2 outs...

I have to go in to see about night office cleaning. The job sounds great I used to clean a hockey arena in Fairbanks, Alaska back a long time ago for extra cash. This one sounds promising. The beauty of it is that it is local, the north of Boston (128 tech corridor) is filled with office buildings galore. So there is a short supply of people willing to clean these buildings. I may just be hired to do so. being paid $9 per hour which is VERY welcome.

Will update about this tomorrow.

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