Eastern TN

Currently in a hotel in Erwin, TN. Today was productive. Breakfast was included in my rate last night so I tried the eggs, bacon, sausage. They were not great. I had cereal and it was very good. I skipped lunch and made my way through Knoxville, Sevierville. Ate a cheap dinner at a place called "Cracker Barrel". The food is good there but they don't serve alcohol. I had another friendly and nice waitstaff again. Attentive, filling my glass and very friendly. I decided to drive all the way here tonight. My work is now nearby and I can have an early start. Watching Game 3 Red Sox are up 4-0 its the bottom of the 5th -Truly Amazing. AWESOME plays! I hope we can win this game 3 then we will be only one more game away from winning it all in 86 years.

We shall see.

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