The Yanks again.

So it is the time for the ALCS again and we play against the Evil Empire. I am a bit worried myself. But a miracle may happen and we may go to the World Series this year. And I would really like to see us win it all. One for the history books.

I would like to go to King Richard's Faire, one of those middle ages festivals in Carver. But this time around it looks too expensive. (Adult tix are $24). I didn't even know it was on cause I haven't seen any commercials for it this year but apparently it has been going on since Labor day. I found out about it watching Fox25 this morning and an excellent job from Jodi Applegate. If I had known that it was open so early (since labor day) I would have went by myself. Not very fun I know but this last month I have been bored. Now that Wife and baby are coming back it will be ok. I guess there will always be the Medieval Manor. Although the wife won't like the idea of eating without cutlery. And I don't know how difficult it will be to bring Daniella in.
I now need to clean up the place a bit cause this place has been bachelorized I only swept the place. I need to clean up a bit thats all.

I better get to it. They left Clarion, PA at 0800 and I calculated it takes eight hours from there and it is now 1058.

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