Manchester Airport

Sunday: got up at 0700 got ready and left home at 0930. I got to the airport by 1030. Manchester is a bit far but more convenient for going to Nashville. Wife dropped me off at the curbside for curbside check in. It was a bit busy cause some ass hit the front of my car with his suitcase as he was offloading from his very big and offensive SUV. But hell this is New Hampshire and they drive things like that up here. Anyway I had to walk a few yards to the curbside check in and I had 5 bags to check. I was waiting on the other side and the Southwest employee said "The line starts over there." (roll eyes) so I had to go to the other side. I was unable to see the cheap-ass make-shift hand-written sign that said "Line starts here". So I waited some more. Then as I got up to the counter the guy says "I can't do extra bags here, can you carry any on?" I felt like saying "Does it f***ing look like I can carry any of those on? You f***ing f***head!" But I said "No I can't look at the size of them." So I basically wasted 10 minutes standing around outside and had to go inside and buy one of those $2 cart things. So I had to leave my bags outside unattended while I went in to get a $2 cart. At least I saved $1 cause they are $3 at Logan.

I went inside and waited for a LONG time cause the line was backed up like a mutha! I ended up paying $80 extra for the 2 extra bags. I expected that. I got checked in and went upstairs to get a bite. Your choices are McDonalds (after seeing "Super Size Me" -Puke!) Pizza Hut (more shite!) or Dunkin Donuts. There was another sandwich place but I opted for the Dunkin' Donuts breakfast sandwich with an Iced Coffee. Cause its the last Iced coffee I would have for a week. No seats of course loaded with people just BS'ing sipping coffee and eating McDonalds shite. So I sat down at a phone box and ate and drank. The coffee was lacking but cest la vie. Got through security -I am getting good at this. Now I am waiting at the gate with my laptop out typing this. People are lining up to get on the plane. The flight is 1215 and its now 1145. I guess I had better close this up and type the rest on the plane ride down.

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