Now in Nashville

Anyway I got here, I was set to drive away utilizing Hertz Number 1 club Gold in a shite American Chevy Malibu. I asked what else they had, I wanted more room but I also didn't want a shite SUV. I ended up getting a nice Subaru Outback wagon. Perfect! It is so ideal for the amount of stuff I have, the SUV would have worked but the gas mileage is obscene! And also I find them quite offensive. "It's got a HEMI." so they say in the commercials -I keep thinking "Who gives a f***! It also has got some shite gas mileage!"
Anyway. I got the car and got to the hotel at 1530 but I forgot they are one hour behind here so I had to check in very early. They let me though. I took a nap for a little bit and then went for a drive around Nashville. I was driving on Broadway and the turned down some other road (Lafayette?) and all of a sudden I can tell I am in a bad neighborhood. I just drove around though and got myself something to eat quickly. Andy missed his flight so he had to wait until 5 I think before he could leave Denver. I am waiting for him to get here so I can maybe have a dinner in a restaurant and not look like an ass eating by myself.
Currently watching the Red Sox. its 2115 Red Sox are up 2-0 Bottom of the 3rd, 1 out 2 strikes.

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