Day 2 -Nashville to Chattanooga

Breakfast this morning in the hotel in a word, sucked. I opted for the cold breakfast. I just wanted to have some cereal and a yogurt. I started to eat a box of Cheerios and I bit down into some very stale cereal. I went back up and got myself some Rice Crispies -same thing stale as hell. I ate the yogurt. I stood up cause the waitress was AWOL that prompted the egg making guy to go and fetch her. She came and then went back to get the check. She charged me for a hot breakfast and I immediately told her I had the cold breakfast (looking at the table with two uneaten bowls of cereal and an empty yogurt) she said "Well you didn't tell me you had the cold breakfast." in a bitchy whiney ass voice. I thought it was up to her to note which breakfast. Anyway when she came back I told her "Just so you are aware, every box of cereal I tried was stale." She said I am going to get my manager. I couldn't wait any longer so I just left.

Work went ok, I finished at about 7PM. I am now in Cleveland, TN and I ate dinner at a place called "Logan's" which -you go in and you have peanuts in shells on every table. You are encouraged to eat these and throw the shells on the floor. I ordered the 9 oz. sirloin with mashed potatoes. The potatoes were COLD and the steak was overcooked. But I ate it. Everything I like and don't like about the south was in this restaurant tonight. The waiter was a very friendly very responsive guy wearing a confederate flag belt buckle. I like the fact that people are nice. There isn't really a whole lot I dislike about the south and I can't really think of anything now, but I know there are some things I do not like.

Back in the hotel now.  Loading up tomorrow's maps into the GPS. That's about it really.

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